Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birmingham Museum of Art

Julien and Addie both enjoyed our visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Julien, Chris and I would have enjoyed the art part of the museum much more had a little primate not been squealing with delight over everything her little eyes beheld.
There was something about her voice echoing through every single room that I'm sure other museum goers were not very appreciative of. 

 Once we made it to the children's area, we were able to relax.

Addie had a great time coloring my prize winning cat drawing.

She explored every single inch of the room.

Although parts of the room left her a little puzzled.

She particularly loved the undersea walk through

and the smart board (and Julien did as well!), but

her very favorite area of the day was the library.
She loves to look through books!
Once she got up the nerve to try out the unique sitting area, she stayed until the museum was closing and we were the very last ones left.

July 21, 2012