Monday, August 06, 2012

Freezing Time!

Once I had my feet planted back on solid ground, we took some time to explore the park and museum.

It was during this time, that we took notice of something that we were already aware of, but the experience was so much more real to us.

There were multiple surfaces for Addie to maneuver over and the landscape was all brand new to her, so we were cautiously watching her.
That is when I noticed that she was putting five years of therapy into action.
When Addie approached each line or change in surface or color of surface, she would briefly stop to determine if there was a change in depth that would require her to pick up her foot to step up onto or over to another surface.

Normally, we are holding her hand and pointing out changes in depth - like stepping onto or off a curb or walking from a mulch covered surface to a grass covered surface, etc...

But, this time, we gave her a little more headway, just so we could study whether or not she really was doing what we thought...
and she was.

It was like time just stood still for us.
She would pick up her little foot and step way over the line, making sure there wasn't a change in depth. 

Once she realized we were further behind, she turned to us, asking us to, "Come on!".

Oh man, there is nothing like progress!
It is so special when we can literally see the progress unfold.