Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day Eleven - Mom Update

When I walked in to see Mom today, she was awake!
Her expression didn't change, but she was definitely more alert than I have seen her.

When I started talking to her, I realized that she was understanding a lot of what I was saying, although she had her definite moments of confusion.
It is amazing the long term impact the sedatives and pain meds have had on her.
 She seemed confused when I told her how long she has been in the hospital and definitely didn't understand why she couldn't get out of the bed.

Her nurses today were absolutely wonderful!
They were very attentive to her and Mom looked like she was comfortable and relaxed.
The nurses said that Mom had a great sense of humor and had kept them laughing all day.
It had to be her expressions, because it is still taking a tremendous amount of effort for her to speak!

She still has the NG Tube, she had a bit of a fever earlier and she has also developed another infection, so tests are being done to make certain that the infection is contained and has not spread into her blood stream.

Mom looked good - considering.
It was so nice to be able to talk to her even if she was still confused.
She couldn't stay awake long.
I only got to talk to her for a little bit before she fell back into a very deep sleep.

I walked out of the MICU today with a smile on my face.
I finally feel like Mom is coming back to us!