Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breathe In - Breathe Out

Today was tough.

Julien and I spent the morning with Mom at the hospital, then went directly to Addie's school so that we could make our rounds and say goodbye to the teachers who helped to make our miracle happen.

There is no way I could put into words what each teacher means to us.
They supported Addie along each step of her journey and never stopped pushing her to do the best in everything she did.
They never let us down and have been a blessing in our lives.

There wasn't much that I said to them today.
Partly because I didn't want to cry and partly because I have yet to figure out how to tell people that they truly have changed our lives and that we couldn't have done it without them.

What I couldn't figure out was whether Addie knew what today meant.
She gave hugs to everyone and as we said our last goodbye's, she blew kisses on our way out the door.

I needed her to understand that she wouldn't be coming back tomorrow and that the love she has for her teachers would always be in her heart.

I wanted to promise her that God would place new teachers in her life who would love her just as much and who would protect her from harm.

I couldn't find the words, although I'm supposed to be the strong one.

On Addie's last day, she was so happy to go to class.

She sleepily sat down for breakfast.

I had to stop for one more look before I left.
That's when it really hit me that she was one of the last ones left out of all of her friends.

She caught me watching and was all smiles!

When we came back to get her, I brought the camera back in with me.  
After just one picture, I couldn't bring myself to take any more pictures as Addie gave hugs to those she loves so much.

I just didn't know if she understood - and that was so hard.

When we walked out the door, I didn't turn and look back.

It was the end of a journey for us.

I'm ready for the next journey to begin.

It is here and real because of your prayers and our God.


Anonymous said...

Leaving Bright Horizons was harder for me than it was actually starting school. Those teachers are all such a blessing to every child; if only they knew that.

jennohara said...

Oh my gosh, im holding back tears just reading about it! What a journey it's been, and a new one just beginning.
Thinking bout you guys every single day :)

On a side note, want to meet up again in February?!

Granna said...

The look in the teacher's eyes say it all...I am praying there is a new teacher waiting with the same love in her eyes.