Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mom Update...

Mom is settled into the MICU at UAB.

My brother is staying with her tonight and my sister is there too - as part of the UAB staff.  They have the night shift covered.

It was really sad to leave Mom.

She is still running a fever, last heart enzyme reading was higher than the one before that.  Her blood pressure is very low.

She is obviously sedated and has machines doing all the work for her so that her body can recover.

She has four nurses looking over her tonight and who appear to be very compassionate.

Mom seemed OK on Saturday.  Everything that happened, seemed to happen so very fast.

I pray that tomorrow brings us better news.

I will update throughout the day because I know so many people are wanting to know how our sweet Mom is doing!

Right now, all we need is prayers - not only for Mom, but also for the doctors and nurses caring for her.  Please pray they have the knowledge and skill to help her get better and to recognize exactly what she needs.