Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Five - Morning Update on Mom

From my aunt who took the night shift:

She is unchanged.
Blood sugar stayed in the low 200's - she is still on the insulin drip.
BP would go up if the Ativan started to wear off.
MRI still not done.
Tried to take her off the vent but her breathing was too shallow - they will try again tomorrow a.m.

My brother is taking day shift today.
I will post an update at some point.


The doctor told me yesterday that although we are moving at a much slower pace than he would have hoped, he still thinks we are heading in the right direction.

Also, I don't think I previously mentioned this, but the infection has been identified as Group B strep.
She is on the appropriate IV meds, we just need her to respond to them.


Nicole said...

Oh no Jenn! I'm just now reading this! Haven't been checking the blogs since Chris has been sick. Prayers going up for you and your family!