Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Seven Evening Update on Mom

I left the hospital feeling a little more encouraged.
Her eyes didn't look lifeless today.
There was some blue back in her eyes and when I called her name, she turned in my direction!
She isn't following commands, focusing on me or squeezing my hand, but there is color in her eyes.

The TEE came back with encouraging news - no sign of infection in her heart valves!

Mom's fever was hovering around 101, down from the 103 mark it has been at.

We think the change in fever is from the addition of the new antibiotic yesterday - the one to cover MRSA and the possible Meningitis.

She received a blood transfusion today.

Surgery is still scheduled for tomorrow.

It is so hard to see her in so much pain and I am so thankful for the nurses who are caring for Mom. We have been blessed with very compassionate nurses.

We are all still so hopeful that the surgery will be the turning point for her.
She needs relief from the pain and we need to know for certain what type of infection may have spread - and to where - since they are no longer certain that they are dealing with just one type of bacteria.

Her MRI is still being reviewed to determine if there is infection in the bone in her feet.

I am so thankful that we are with her.

I am hopeful for a better day tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, emails, text messages and words of encouragement.  I know I'm not getting back to you in a very timely manner, but I want you to know I appreciate it all!