Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Friday, I took Addie to "Meet the Teacher" day at her new school. 
This really wasn't the first time that she has met her teachers or visited the classroom, but this was the first time she met her new classmates. 

We have actually been working really hard over the last few months to get everything lined up for Addie at her new school and we have been working with an amazing team of teachers. 
Teachers,who I feel, have already opened their hearts to Addie.
I have just kept that to myself, I suppose it was out of fear of something going wrong. 

When we walked through the doors of the school, Addie was really nervous and was shaking. 
I had to stop midway down the hall and give her a hug and reassure her. 
 Once we entered her classroom and she saw her teacher, she relaxed a little although she was still a little anxious.

Mrs. Morris (her new Kindergarten teacher) and Mrs. Anita (Addie's aide) welcomed Addie and did their very best to make her feel comfortable.

Addie even had a new classmate come over and visit with her!

Addie remembered the reading lounge under the tree house and enjoyed sitting with her new classmates and Mrs. Anita.
I kept my distance, but at one point, Addie saw me and held out her arms and said, "Hug".
She just needed more reassurance.

Notice the gates on the stairs of the tree house.
When Chris and I visited the classroom a while back, one of the first things that caught our attention was the stairs going to the tree house.
We mentioned our concern, but didn't make a big deal about it because we knew that Addie would be watched very closely, even in the classroom.

Much to our surprise, the gates were added over the Summer.
When I noticed the gates this past Thursday, I was very touched at the extra effort by the staff of the school in getting the gates installed.

It took our anxiety down quite a bit.

Addie was able to look around her new classroom and we were both very pleased that she would be sitting with one of her friends from daycare!

Where were these awesome Kindergarten classrooms when I was in school?

Mrs. Anita was showing Addie around the classroom!

Leaving Addie's Kindergarten classroom and on the way to her Special Education Classroom.

Mrs. Allison will be working with Addie as her Special Education Teacher and has gone a step above and beyond to make certain that we have everything in place for Addie to start school tomorrow.

Addie completed an activity with Mrs. Allison and then immediately needed another hug from me!

Addie is going to do great tomorrow!

Chris and I are at peace and feel that God has placed beautiful, compassionate, loving women in our path who will care for Addie each today.

We are excited about tomorrow!

August 17, 2012


WicketsMom said...

My son is starting at Helena today as well. We passed you in the hall on Friday and Addie had the biggest grin on her face! My son is in Ms. Whitaker's class, but one of his best friends is actually assigned the seat next to Addie in the classroom. They will all have a wonderful year!