Friday, October 29, 2010

Sometimes The Most Obvious Answer

Is right in front of your face, it just takes a while to see it.
I have tried many times to put some kind of head support in Monkey's car seats over the years.
With absolutely no luck.
Just like anything else with children, if it doesn't work the first time, it is important to keep trying.
We have seen some very minor improvement since the addition of the baby pillows to Monkey's car seat.
I have some of the cutest little cases for the pillows - I recycled the slip covers from Monkey's walker into little pillow cases (no pictures yet).
The little pillow in this picture (it hurts to type the words) is the one that I custom ordered last year for Monkey's baby dolls.
Sweet Monkey has obstacles that others do not realize.
Please know that I realize how blessed we are and that the obstacles and heartbreak that we face each day in no way compares to those of others.
Our struggles pale in comparison.
As the little Monkey's Mother, it breaks my heart to see her in discomfort or pain. The last few car trips, she would lay her head against the pillow and appeared to be a bit more at ease.
Only time will tell, I suppose we will...


jennohara said...

I hope that helps! I'm sure her baby dolls dont mind sharing their pillow. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer - I saw this post and had to offer up something I found recently and remembered because they were interesting: Elephant Ears pillows/supports for infants and toddlers. They have them at Downtown Baby in Tuscaloosa (online at and more good pics on their facebook page). I haven't seen them in person, but it might be an option??? Hope to help!