Monday, October 11, 2010

One Small Topic Before We Catch Up From Last Week

Saturday, Chris, Monkey and I were at my favorite place to shop for my children's rooms.

I have talked about this store and the one beside it a few different times on the blog.

I have told you that I do most of my shopping on line because of the situations we have incurred with fellow shoppers and I have also received several snotty emails from some of you who took offense to my ramblings about these experiences and have even received a telephone call from the store manager ...amazing what a Google search can find.

Nevertheless, I just can't and don't want to stay away from this store.

As I recently mentioned, we are making lots of changes to Monkey's room and a visit to this store was required.

On this particular visit, we had just left a birthday party in which the little Monkey ran around like crazy, missed her nap and was almost completely off the hook.

I was mentally prepared for all kinds of snooty looks and hateful comments.

This time, I experienced neither of those.

The staff at this store were all brand new (woo-hoo! that must mean that my picture has been removed from the blacklist) and the fellow shoppers were all minding their own business - how glorious!

As we were so patiently waiting for one of the employees to wrap a few gifts for us, a Mom with her two children and their Grandmother just so happened to be right next to us.

As most of you know, Monkey loves babies.

She completely loses her manners and cannot resist the urge to touch the little toes or arm of any baby that she can get to quicker than I can stop her.

This time, the Mom assured me that the baby was in fact, boy number three and germs were the least of her concern.

Blah, blah, blah and a few minutes later, Grandma was standing with the baby stroller when Monkey walked up and once again, touched the toes of the baby.

I gently took her hand away and reminded her that "we can look and say hello, but we cannot touch".

At that point, the Grandmother looked at me and said, "It really is fine for her to touch him, but trust me there are those people that I would not want to touch him and who are dirty, but she is not one of them".

Well...what do you know?

For once, we were not classified as "those people", my child was not shunned and she was actually considered clean.

I have no idea what I did, but I actually managed to pull it off for a change.