Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's The Small Things In Life That Bring Me Joy

Like watching my husband climbing an inflatable and knowing that I mananged to slither out of having to do it in front of the watchful eyes of those we have to see five days each and every week. Once they got to the top, it was decided that Addie was going down all by herself!
She had the best time!
Addie couldn't resist being her sweet self and had to give hugs!
(I sure hope the parents of these children don't mind the pictures)
The pictures are too sweet not to share!

Aaahhh...patience is a virtue.

She is looking back and forth from the cake to me and back to the cake...not understanding why it is still sitting on the table in one piece.
Next came Addie's favorite arcade game of all time!

Who would have guessed that it has anything to do with a car considering she hates riding in one so much!