Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Guys Are So Good That You Can Figure This Out

Without me even having to tell you....but it's more fun if I do.

That dazed look on Monkey's face is her spotting Gumby coming around the corner.

I made a real quick hand off to her Daddy so that he could get a picture with her too... That look on her face is her watching Gumby standing right behind me....

Yet, I had to have the priceless photographic memento of the three of us before we headed out for the evening.

It's such a good thing that you can't really tell what's going on in pictures.

I was trying my best to hold onto the little Monkey, smile for the camera and keep Gumby's head from smooshing in as he leaned in for the picture, all while I'm telling my husband, "for heavens sake, please take the picture" (as he's telling me that Monkey isn't looking at the camera), followed by my reply of, "holy cow, I don't care, please just take the freakin' picture already before she explodes!".

What a happy memory.


jennohara said...

Her face in both those first pictures is priceless!!! Poor little thing! :-D
One day she'll be the one dressing up and scaring the little ones. :)

Granna said...

Sweet girl...very smart to know this big old green Gummy is not the norm! She is beautiful. I hope the car sickness is better...I feel her pain.