Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Note To Self

I almost take pity on first born children.
They are the ones by which their parents manage to totally jack everything up and then hopefully learn from those mistakes so that the next child has a better chance at therapy-free adulthood.
This past Saturday, I met my sisters and nieces at a little pumpkin patch somewhat close to home.
Julien had a massive allergy attack on the hay ride and Monkus screamed most of the time, otherwise, I think it all went pretty well.
In an effort to calm the Beast, I took Monkus to get a snack (any snack just as long as it made her quiet and happy), which meant that I left my first born alone with my sisters during the scarecrow making session.
Julien even put forth the effort to make him look less than friendly.
He finished up and headed to the car.
Yep, here he is again right before being jammed into the third row of our car (the scarecrow, not my son).

Notice that orange thingy on his shirt?

Why yes...it IS a bible verse.

Approximately 24 hours after this picture was taken, Julien came up to me and said:

"Mom....had I known they were going to put a bible verse on him, I wouldn't have made him look that way....".
Saying it as if he needed forgiveness.
So, I suppose that my psychic abilities were masked by the screaming Monkey and the allergic rhinitis and I suppose that I have learned my lesson and next year, I will know to tell my child to make a friendly looking scarecrow.
How much is one therapy session going for nowadays - $165/$175?
Add in inflation x ten years...holy cow, that's going to be expensive
all my fault.


jennohara said...

:D Poor Julien! In all fairness, they really SHOULD have said something about the bible verse! That's too funny though. What a fun memory...(to try to remember for next year). :)

Melanie Sims said...

LOL!! I just love your posts! Julien is such a sweet thing. You have taught him well. It's so sweet that he has so much respect for Him that he would have made the scarecrow different had he known... Addie is such a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful big brother!