Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Evil - Little - Monkey

I have failed to teach the Evil - Little - Monkey the difference between a pumpkin and a ball.
At some point I thought I had covered that, but apparently not.
Take a real good look at this pumpkin... better yet, take a look at both of her pumpkins...

because you will never, ever see them again.

Pumpkin #1, although not made of rubber, somehow managed to bounce off the gravel causing massive internal damage, which led to its demise.

Pumpkin #2 was forcefully propelled into the fish pond at the exact moment that I was telling the Evil - Little - Monkey "not to throw the pumpkin".

Luckily the pumpkin did not brain the ginormous fish, but did end up being sucked into the overflow tank where the Monkey thought she could retrieve it.
She was so wrong.

At check-out, I told the cashier to please add the charge for the slaughtering of the aforementioned pumpkins.
She either took pity on me or was just so happy to see us go because she waived the charge and helped us carry our items to the car (in an effort to get rid of us quicker and to probably shut down the whole nursery just in case we decided to go back inside).


jennohara said...

lol! Too funny! Sounds like she has a good arm...maybe softball is in her future! :D