Monday, October 18, 2010

That's Much Better!

I swear, we get some of the funniest pictures...of nothing.
Just use your imagination and pretend you see boys smashing each other on the field...and crystal clear photos of little Monkey's...
(let me just tell you that if you are over 30, sitting wedged between the metal bleachers and the concrete back is comfortable for only about the first 20 minutes or so...after that, an awful pain starts creeping into the lower back)...
followed by the final score of the game...thank goodness we walked away the winning team!

As soon as the game was over, we packed up and started to walk out of the stands.
The little Monkey started to fuss and point, wanting to go back.
She kept looking out to the field and back behind her and the further I walked, the madder she became.
I kept reassuring her that Julien was already "all done" and that he was waiting for us by the car.
She either didn't understand or didn't want to understand, because she started crying - really, really loud.
She was crying so loud that Julien heard her and started towards us (bless that child).
As soon as he got within ear shot, he told me to "give her to me" and no shock here - she stopped crying.
That spoiled rotten little Monkey was not about to leave the stadium without Julien - she just didn't understand that he was already out of the stadium and waiting for her.