Saturday, October 23, 2010

So High Up On Top Of My Soapbox...

that you can count each hair in my nose.

I know you guys just can't stand when I have one of my little meltdowns, so hold on tight, because here I go again.

I don't discuss this subject often because I try not to let everyone know just how crazy I really am.

I don't hug trees, I still shave my legs and I use so much chemically laden deodorant that I think I now permanently smell like a crisp, clean breeze.

In the past, I have briefly discussed my decision to buy organic items whenever possible.

All you guys have to do is take one good look at me to realize that I am not a health nut, that I have a major eating disorder and that the last 20-something pounds left over from Addie have a nice comfy home at 33 Jenn Henderson Circle, but I have made the decision to buy natural products that are made without chemically infused pesticides with parabens on top.
(Two totally different subjects for those of you critiquing this post)

I made this decision long ago and although not everything that I buy is natural or organic, I try to be mindful of the things that I buy.

For instance, for the majority of my house cleaning, I use baking soda and vinegar.
I only buy organic milk, yogurt, fruit, etc...
I no longer use big name commercial skin care products and every single food item that I bring into my house has to be a product of the United States (or from our Canadian neighbors whom I trust).
I use all natural shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc... and I am ever so slowly replacing my favorite go-to make-up items with all natural products.

It is not a mass overhaul, just as we run out of an item, I look for better items to replace them with.

My quest for these items led me to a little farm in Indiana and a family that makes my new favorite laundry detergent and bath soap:
Introducing ~
The Jonas Family - owners of Goat Milk Stuff.
Each and every item that I have tried thus far - completely rocks!

The laundry detergent is beyond awesome!
When I first purchased it, I made the conscience decision to allow my children's clothing to sit in the laundry room for a solid week before I washed them.
I wanted the clothes to be nice and dirty, full of stains and stinky kid smell.
I wanted to see exactly what kind of magic this stuff could work and holy cow...
out of the washer came squeaky clean clothes without a trace of grime!

Besides the laundry detergent, I am absolutely in love with the goat milk soap - specifically the Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap.
This soap is so wonderful that I no longer have to apply lotion to Addie's skin after her bath.
Not only that, we ran out of the soap for two days last week and had to use our old soap.
Chris immediately noticed the difference in his skin and commented about how dry his skin felt...that he didn't realize what a difference the goat milk soap had made in his skin until he went without it!

Let me also mention that shipping is unbelievably fast and the customer service skills of The Jonas Family is perfectly beautiful!

I know it all sounds a bit kooky, but I have just made the decision to take baby steps to provide more natural products for my family.
As I look around at the kids of today, it is no wonder they are gargantuan, hormonally engulfed, precocious little beings.

Everything they encounter has been infused with chemicals and pesticides.
I can't control the world around me, but I can control the environment within my home and I just feel better knowing I am making the effort to offer domestically made and more natural products for my family.

Now...does anyone have a step-ladder that I can borrow?
I need to get down from my soapbox before I get a nosebleed!


jennohara said...

Ha! Love it!! I totally agree...I'm going to check out those products right now...I've heard that goats milk products are awesome, and always wanted to try them out. We can't get away from ALL chemicals and bad stuff, but we CAN keep it out of our homes! Thanks for the info!

Jenn said...

We are doing the same thing in our home. We even use natural toothpaste now. We are using a natural soap now, but I am going to check out the one you mentioned. We will make any change for the sake of our children. The things they put in our food and all of the products we use is absolutely terrifying. Love the post.

Matt said...

You must have been reading my Facebook and Twitter posts for the past 18 months.

Matt said...

The next step is to install a home water filter to take out all the pharmaceuticals and fluoride!