Sunday, October 31, 2010


When reality sets in, we realize that there just are not enough hours in the day for even the best of plans.
My plans for the little Monkey's new bed got thrown completely out the window.

While shopping for a birthday present Friday night, a bed managed to get my attention.

Remember that we have to analyze and re-analyze everything we get for the little Monkey.
While waiting ever so impatiently for a few gifts to be wrapped, I was looking at every little detail of the bed on display.
It just so happened to be a bed that allowed for the height to be adjusted, which meant that we could put it low, low to the ground and it matched Monkey's dresser.
After spending the next 24 hours thinking of every possible scenario that could go wrong with the bed, I sent Chris to pick it up.
Although it was not the bed that I thought I had my heart set on, this makes for an even better runner up - especially because it was a whopping $600.00 less than the one that I thought I really wanted!
Chris wasted no time bringing it up to the Monkey's room to put together - it kind of helped that it was Halloween and we had plans, which put us on a deadline.

The part that just amazed me was as Chris and I were putting the bed together, the little Monkey found some baby wipes and brought them over and began wiping her bed.
Although I told her that she got a new big girl bed, I don't know if she understood what we were doing,
but she knew that whatever we were doing was for her and so she waited so very patiently for us to finish.


jennohara said...

Oh my gosh!! I forgot about her doing the same thing last time!!! Wow. That little girl of yours is going to go places, Jenn. That's amazing.
I'm glad you found another bed...Who can't resist a better deal?
I just cant wait to see the end result!