Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lets Bump That Up to 25 cc's of Man-Up!

I have no shame in admitting that on the way to Julien's football game tonight I was mentally calculating the approximate time of our arrival home, the time it would take me to get the kids settled, me get ready for bed, all before the glorious moment when I could finally climb into bed and partake in the three hour mind and body refresher that I like to refer to as sleep.
Oh no...how could I be so greedy?

My dreams of sweet rest were smashed at the exact moment that a face mask collided with Julien's elbow in the first half of the game.

As you all know, I am overly calm in a crisis.
I walked over to the fence, looked at Julien's elbow, told him to take a few minutes and see if he could get back out and play.
His coach took the same approach, except that he threw him back out on the field in hopes that Julien could simply use his good arm to block the linemen.

When Julien got in the car on the way home, he was acting tough.
He told me that he thought he needed to go to the ER, so I told him we would look at it once we got home.
I decided to get Addie in bed, leave her with her Daddy and head on out to our local ER.

Let me just say that I love our little local hospital (and of course, I love our Children's Hospital, but late at night, the hike to downtown Birmingham doesn't sound too appealing).
They are fabulous and the entire process from start to finish took about an hour and half.
The staff was amazing and all had a great sense of humor!

So, the little injury that the coach told Julien to ice and head back out onto the field turned out to be....

A Broken Elbow

I think we may have a season ending injury and I think I am going to have to make good friends with yet one more physician.

This is the moment right after I pulled the camera from my bag and Julien said:
"What is wrong with you woman, are you seriously going to take my picture?".Pre-Lortab
The nurses and P.A. all seemed to be impressed with how Julien handled the whole thing. I sure hope this guy doesn't mind his picture being broadcast on the blog...when I told him I was going to be taking pictures, he stepped out of the room and when he came back in, he said that he had to go and make sure his hair was fixed.Post-Lortab
Life is Good!Making the necessary telephone call to his Dad...Yikes....I look all jacked up, it's almost midnight by this point (and I'm trying to make an excuse for the hideousness), but the point of this is to have that special Mommy/Son ER picture that is necessary to chronicle his childhood....
and the drugged look on his face is just priceless!

Also....when I asked to see the x-ray, I was told that the x-ray was only in a digital format (duh...helloooo...), but the P.A. told me that she would be more than happy to call radiology and have them put it on a disk for me to take home.

That's what I call service!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

OMG J-Rod....if you wanted to bench it for a while I'm sure there were other ways around it. Take care Macho Boy!

jennohara said...

Oh no!! Julien, you're (almost) as tough as your sister! ;)

Nicole said...

Awww Man...what a way to end the season. Hope he feels better!