Friday, October 15, 2010

Hol(l)y Hell(o)

I think I have mentioned a time or two how I fully realize how much my husband does for me.
A few times each week, he will go downstairs while I am in the shower, make coffee and bring it back upstairs for me.
I don't require a cup of coffee in the morning, but I certainly will not pass it up if it is handed to me.
Yesterday morning, I commented to my husband that the coffee has been really, really good.
To my shock, my husband has been putting powdered sugar in my coffee. think he is trying to turn me into a gargantuan caffeine junkie.
It's like giving a wild animal the taste of blood.
I don't think he realizes that he can't give a big girl with an eating disorder sugar and expect for her to have just a sip or one little bite.
I see a lot of elastic pants in my future...