Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Spare Time

Last Sunday, my children actually had some down time.
We stayed at home trying to catch up from the week before heading out for a birthday party.
Julien could have filled that time in any number of ways, but he chose to spend his time with Monkus.
He asked me if he could make her a car and so he did (pre-mangled elbow). In an effort to keep my son from totally hating me, I was nice enough to crop this picture in a way so that you cannot see his undies.
That delightful look on his face is him watching Monkus thoroughly enjoy the masterpiece that he created for her.
The little Monkus was a bit proud of herself for her contribution of the colorful scribbles that adorn the car.
I would make little comments about the painters and scotch tape, but lets face it...we see cars like this from time to time, fully functioning, idling beside us at stop lights. I could also make a comment about how that painters tape should have already been used to adorn my walls as my husband repainted my kitchen and living room...but we are not going to talk about that right now.
Instead, lets focus on how the very simple things in life make us the happiest.


Kristyn said...

That's so cute! I absolutly love seeing the way he adores his little sister. It's hard to tell who was having more fun!