Monday, October 18, 2010

Speaking of Rotten Little Monkeys

The little Monkey has a really hard time understanding when Julien has to go away some weekends.
Friday night we were sitting at dinner when Julien had to leave.
He gave her several big hugs and kisses and when he turned and left, she looked at me with this terrible little expression on her face and said, "back?".
I told her that Julien would be back and that it was okay.
He might torture her every waking moment that he is at home, but she still never wants to see him go - even for a moment.



oh, i did that one too. i left the double stroller in the parking lot at wal-mart. i had to back track after i discovered the thing was missing later when i went to use it days later!

makes me feel better that it is just a mommy thing and i am not the only one:)! wonder if our brains will ever be the same, doubt it:)!

have a great week! that baby girl is getting so big and she is always beautiful!! makes me smile to look at her pictures!