Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Luck and lack of instructions

Julien and Chris couldn't stay long at the party because of football practice, but I did manage one picture of my baby before they left! This little duck on Monkey's arm was almost two hours in the making - that is how long it took her before she got up enough nerve to go near the face painting lady.
Let me pause this story to take a moment to THANK Patti for not hiring a clown for the party! The face painting lady looked absolutely normal and was as nice as she could be.
Whew...thank you Patti!
I asked Julien to take a picture of the little Monkey and Me.
I never specified that I wanted to be looking at the camera without my sunglasses on or that Monkey should be looking at the camera.
I just merely said that I wanted a picture...and that is what I got.
I suppose it is my fault for not being more specific.
That is about the extent of the pictures from Brock's party. I spent most of the time keeping up with Monkey and yapping to everyone, I just didn't have enough hands to keep up with the camera as well.