Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trial and Error

Once we had Addie's new bed all put together, we put her to the test.
(this was actually 24 hours after we finished her bed because I spent Halloween night in the ER and in a private room of one of our local hospitals with one unnamed individual)
Baby Girl didn't pass the first test and it took me only seconds to figure out how to make it all better for her. I think everyone should recycle when they can...and that includes mattresses from Baby Girl's crib.
The crib mattress is now dually classified as a step stool and a Baby Girl concussion preventer cushion.
I slide the mattress out for her to use at night and slide it back under the bed during the day.
We're making progress!


Nicole said...

We did the same thing with our crib mattresses when it was time to move to big girl/boy beds! They soon turned into trampolines!

Love her new room!

jennohara said...

That's why you're the mommy!
Genius! :-D

Donna said...

That looks super, Jennifer! Great job "recycling/adapting". The bed, and its sleeper, are beautiful.