Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everyone focus here please!

If I could please direct your attention to this post we will go over today's very important lesson.


These precious little piggies viewable below- freshly painted with brand new organic polish:

are allowed to be placed in items such as:


or this:

or this:

and even this:

but these little piggies:

are absolutely not allowed to be placed in items such as:


Do we all have a firm understanding?


Monkey did not have a firm understanding of this until we discussed in great detail just the other night.


As Monkey was on the potty, she very politely took her precious little foot and placed it ever so gently into the porcelain god of convenience.

Yes. She did.

I was screaming inside, but I held the Mommy face as I informed Addison-pa-tattison that we do not place our piggies into the potty.

That is yucky.

Then I proceeded to gently place her into the bath in hopes that every last germ would forever be washed from her freshly painted piggies.

Ahhh...the joy of a child acting typical.

The moment was a blessing and a gift from God.


Anonymous said...

That story made me smile! She's exploring her world...our little toilet explorer!

Suzanne (aka Kathy)

Jennifer said...

lol! great post!

Anonymous said...

I can say Addie has great taste in her footwear, except for the potty, lol!