Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evil Scarecrows and Clowns

As I have stated before, I would personally like to thank Stephen King for scarring me for life. When I was growing up, I was addicted to his stories. None of them phased me or made me lose a moment's sleep except for IT. There is just something about clowns...ugh, shudder...
and apparently, there is also something about scarecrows as well - thank you Children of the Corn.
After a morning of dance, cancelled football and monstrous pictures, we decided to punish ourselves further by going to a little local pumpkin patch. I just can't handle the car ride out to the pumpkin patch that we used to visit, a screaming Monkey tends to limit the distance I am willing to drive.

On the way to this new little pumpkin patch, Chunky Monkey fell asleep. Not only was that a lovely little car ride, but it also turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When we got to our destination, we decided Chris would stay in the car with Monkey and Julien and I would get out and survey the surroundings. Julien decided that he wanted to build a scarecrow, so that was our mission.

The people that run this pumpkin patch or own it are very nice and helpful people. They had the clothes for the scarecrows all ready to be stuffed, so all that was required of me was to hold the pants and shirt open for Julien to stuff full of hay. Then, the nice lady attached all the pieces of the scarecrow together as we stood by and watched. Not a bad trade off if you ask me!
So, we walked away from the scarecrow nursery, covered in hay, freezing cold and ready to head home. Monkey was still sleeping, so Chris took the scarecrow and put him in the third row of the car. Monkey never saw the scarecrow and never knew he was in the car - what a blessing!
When we got home, Chris took the scarecrow to the front steps for his final resting place for the next two weeks. Monkey has a routine of going to the front door to wave bye to anyone who might be leaving, watch her Daddy work in the yard or just check out the happenings of the view out the glass door. This evening, Monkey decided to walk to the door to wave bye to Julien as he headed outside to play with friends. She was a few feet from the front door when she spotted the scarecrow and just about had a come apart. She stopped, stiffened up and looked at me with pure fear in her eyes. Bless her little heart, she was so afraid that she couldn't even reach up for me, she just started whining. I picked her up and took her to the door in an effort to let her know that it was just a "pretend" man.

I also asked her if she wanted to walk outside and say "hi". This didn't seem like such a bad idea to her, until we walked down the steps and she got a look at the front of this so called, "pretend man".
Oh my goodness, I seriously thought she was going to explode!
Monkey is terrified of this scarecrow and won't even go near the front door if it is open! Once the front door is closed, she will point to the door and babble - what she is saying, can't be good.
She will even go to the windows and try to look out at him, but gets too frightened and comes "running" back to me!
It truly is just pitiful!
I can't just take it away, it is Julien's.
So, now do we not only have to avoid clowns where ever we go, now we have to stay away from any random scarecrow that we could possibly encounter!
Good thing the nearest corn field is a gazillion light years away and Halloween will be over before we know it!


Anonymous said...

The picture of you and Julien is sweet! I love the picture of Addie sleeping. How precious :-) Carie

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I love the first pic. She had to have my hand when she fell asleep the other day. And I can't believe how she shook in fear over that scarecrow. Thank goodness Halloween only comes once a year.