Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On the way home last night, our usual route was blocked due to what I can only assume was the longest and slowest train - on the face of the earth.
Instead of waiting patiently like a good commuter, I saw the delay ahead and I detoured onto the road that runs right in front of Pelham High School. 

We pass by the high school on a somewhat regular basis, but usually only have the need to go onto school property for basketball and football games.
Lately, each time we approach the school, I tell Addie that we are going to watch Julien play football.
She will repeat "football" after me and will get really excited when she finally sees the field.

On this particular day, as we approached the school, Addie was semi-quietly looking at the Scholastic Book Brochure and I was enjoying the lack of screaming.
That's when I heard her sweet little voice ask,  "football?".

I swear I thought my heart stopped for just a second.  The sound of her sweet little voice asking a spontaneous question and the sound of her saying a word not in imitation was so beautifully amazing!

What was so amazing as well was that she remembered where we were.

I was so amazed!
I am so thankful for each little bit of progress that we see!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.