Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Report!

Addie's Special Education Teacher sent me the following email absolutely made my day!  We are seeing some great new things from Addie and she is particularly interested in her name right now.. (Laura is always making Addie new and creative projects to work on, the one mentioned in the email is similar to a puzzle except it uses velcro).

"Miss Addie did GREAT today. I showed her the thing I made with her name on it and I said “who’s name is this?”. Addie said “Addie”!!!!!! The first time we matched the letters she got 3/5. Then the rest of the class started singing a good morning song, and of course Addie wanted to participate. We went to the rug and sang with the class then went back to work. She matched 5/5 letters when we tried it again. 5 out of 5!! Now, she would put the letters kind of sideways when matching, but she put it on the right letter. I also worked with her on spelling her name in imitation. She would say the letters after I said them. Then I made something with numbers on it and she matched numbers 1-4!!!!!! I am so proud of Addie! She also worked on drawing lines and she chose correct body parts upon request when we were playing with Mr. Potato Head. All around she had a good day.