Thursday, August 04, 2011

Addie's New Class - Day Three

Addie did well in her new class.
The only "issue" that was brought to my attention was the actions of the evil puppets.

I know somewhere on this blog, I have talked about Addie's issues with hats, gloves, masks and random anxiety over things that are temporarily altered in some way or another.

Puppets fit into that category.

She is fine with a puppet until someone else puts the puppet onto their hand and then she becomes incredibly frightened.

Apparently, there was an issue with the demonic Koala and Panda Bears today despite the best efforts of the teachers.

The puppet that one of our dear friends bought for Addie is tucked away in the linen closet upstairs along with the shower curtain.  I temporarily gave up on rehabilitating Addie from the emotional scars left by that one.

So...we shall see how Day Four goes.

PETA may need to be on stand-by...