Wednesday, August 10, 2011

By The Way...

You can go ahead and cage the pigeons.

I lasted five whole days without a cell phone.
It was a quiet five days, despite getting incredibly behind on emails.
I had a nice, quiet, uninterrupted lunch with friends and never once had to check my phone.
I could walk places without an email, text or call tracking me down and people were actually forced to pick up a telephone to talk to
It wasn't until I took the day off work that it hit me.
I was away from my husband, away from Chunk (Julien was with me) and away from any way for anyone to get in touch with me if anything happened or if I was in need of assistance. 
After Julien's 1 1/2 hours of PT, I drove a couple hundred feet over to Verizon to retrieve a new phone.
I'm back to having technology at my fingertips 24/7.
You can now reach me via one of my five email addresses, my cellular telephone or by text.


As a sidebar.

I am one of those crazy people that feel the need to have a phone with me at all times.  Not because I embark on rude public conversations, but because of my Dad.

The morning that my Dad died, he had cleaned out my Mom's car for her.  While cleaning out the car, he had taken out her phone and didn't put it back.

It was while my Mom was out running errands that my Dad died.  I was 3000 miles away and I knew about my Dad before my Mom did because no one had any way to get in touch with her.

That's reason enough for me to want to keep a phone nearby at all times.