Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Game of the Season - Fall 2011

Tis the Season.

My husband spent the first game of the season perched high above the crowds tending to volunteer camera duty.

Chunk and I sat as close to the exit as we could get just in case I needed to get up and leave with her for any reason.
She was such a good girl, despite the awful heat!

We were surprised to see Julien playing any length of time because of the amount of practice time that he has missed.

It was really nice to see him on the field, although outnumbered - #61 and the other two opposing players are blocking him.

There's a better view...#68 black belongs to me.

I love how #18 figures it really is pointless to step in at this point.
I know how it feels when Julien is just playing around and hits me...I really wouldn't want to be on the receiving end when he's in full pads.

Addie refused to eat any dinner. 
She sat in her chair for a while before she climbed onto my lap and put her head on my shoulder.  She finally looked up at me and said, "hot".
I was shocked!
She has never, ever told me that she was hot or cold or hungry or sleepy...or anything.
To hear her say that was so very impressive!
I couldn't have agreed with her more.
I dug into our bag and found some cash and we were off to find an icee. 
That kept her busy for most of the second half.
Of course, she had to take the time to cheer for our team.
She truly is the best cheerleader ever and is Julien's biggest fan!
Holy cow.
Check out #61 on the opposing team.
Julien came home talking about this, he's huge!
We took the game 12-6 in overtime.


jennohara said...

Wow....yeah some of those kids are huge. Go you guys for taking the game!
And Way to Addie!! You amazing girl!!

Granna said...

You go, Addie! I think the days and months ahead will find Addie telling you more and more...I just have that Granna feel about it! She might even be ready to let Santa know what he needs to bring!!!