Thursday, September 01, 2011

2nd Game of the Season - Fall 2011

Someone...possibly my husband...forgot the camera tonight, so pictures brought to you courtesy of my cell phone.

We played a smaller school tonight that did not have a separate 7th and 8th grade team, so our 7th graders took to the sidelines to watch the 8th graders take the field.

Although the opposing team was from a smaller school, that didn't stop them from taking the upper hand and walking away with a 25-28 win.
This game was incredibly long due to the weather and problems with the lights. 
Thank goodness that my family was able to watch Addie at home tonight.  It would have been awful for her to travel so far with us, then to be out in the pouring rain, with game delays.
It was a very long night, so it was nice to know she was safe at home.

I am so incredibly thankful that we live in a community where public prayer is still welcome and a way of life.
After the game, both teams gathered for a time of prayer.
It gets me every time.

The camera should be with us next week and hopefully the 7th graders will be back out on the field.