Monday, August 22, 2011

The Dog Did It.

Unfortunately for my husband and son, we don't have a dog.
We have no canine of any sorts to blame things on, so the blame automatically defaults to Chunk-Chunk.

I had simply walked into the kitchen to get Addie an apple.
I saw her standing next to Chris, who was relaxing in the recliner and then,
I heard a ruckus.

I looked and immediately knew that the lamp and/or the bulb was broken and just assumed that Chunk had knocked it over.

I walked into the room to get her so that Chris could clean up the broken glass and I told her that it was "OK, it was just an accident".
I continued to tell her that it was just a boo-boo accident, but we had to stay in the kitchen until "Daddy vacuums up the mess".

I talked to Addie for a good five minutes before it was safe enough for her to go back into the living room.
Once back in the living room, she was happy to chomp away at the apple while she watched Chris.
Although she wasn't overly thrilled with the camera...

After the living room was all back together, we went about our business.

It was a long time after, that I finally asked Chris what exactly happened (did Addie lose her balance, was she grabbing for the lamp, etc....) and there wasn't much of a response.
Finally...he opened his mouth to speak and said, "I broke the lamp".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...had I not asked my husband for additional information, he would have been content to let me think that Addie was the one who broke the lamp and made the mess.

My husband is always the one to say that, "We can't have anything nice because of the cats and kids"....I somehow think we should add his name to the list of reasons why we "can't have anything nice".


jennohara said...

Too funny! Go him for letting the baby take the blame! Poor Addie! :D