Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tailgate Challenge

We made a trip out to Sloss Furnaces for The Bell Center Tailgate Challenge.
Addie had her moments of uncertainty with all of the commotion and people and Aubie was of particular concern to Addie.
Life came to a complete standstill when Aubie was anywhere close to Addie.
Despite the trauma, we all had a great time.
Addie even got the bouncy all to herself.
When we walked up, there were six very rambunctious boys inside. 
Without me even having to say a word, the volunteer in charge of policing the bouncy asked the boys to come on out and let Addie have a turn..and they did.
Addie was such a sweet girl.
She played for a few minutes and I didn't have to ask her twice to come on out and let the other children have a turn.
The weather was beautiful and we were surrounded by good friends.
It was a good day.


Nicole said...

Aubie is of particular concern to me too! Can't say I blame her for being scared of him!