Monday, August 01, 2011

As If It's Not Confusing Enough

Today was Addie's first day in her new class.
It went well.

When we got home tonight, Chris and I were talking to Addie about her day. 
We asked her about certain friends in her class and specific parts of her day, hoping that she would be able to "tell" us something.  We always ask lots of questions, but she just doesn't know how to respond although there are many times we see her eyes light up, so we know she understands!

As Chris and I were talking to her, she kept saying "Julien".
She was so excited!
We told Addie again that Julien was at football practice, but would be home soon.

She kept saying "Julien", so then I thought that maybe she was correcting me because one of her new teachers is named Gillian, but everyone calls her Gill.  I asked Addie if she was talking about Miss Gillian and she just looked at me...

then it dawned on me what she was trying to tell me!!!!!

There is a little boy in Addie's new class named Julian.
Addie was trying to tell me about Julian!!!!

I was so happy for her and when I told her that I knew Julian and asked if she played with him today, she said, "yes".

She wanted to tell me about her day and that is the first time that she has initiated any response!
I can imagine how exciting that was for her to hear such a familiar name!

Now each time we talk, I am going to have to figure out how to differentiate between Julien, Julian and Gillian.

That's just great....


jennohara said...

How awesome is that! I'm so glad it went well in her new room. She's obviously excited about it too!