Thursday, August 25, 2011

7th Grade Already....

My name is Jennifer and I'm the Mother of a 7th Grader.

Shouldn't I get a certificate or a special trophy or something for that?
Here we go again, another year of middle school....August 11, 2011

I think Addie got a little concerned that I was passing her off to Julien so that I could jump into the car and drive away.  She looked a bit petrified.

Julien has grown just a bit.
I am wearing heels and yet, he is still a few inches taller than I am. 
Chunk-Chunk after Julien got out of the car.
She loves taking Julien to school.
She will blow him a kiss and as we drive off, she yells after him, "Bye at school!". (her version of "have a good day at school".)


jennohara said...

Wow...yeah I'd say he grew a bit! Love the picture of Addie in the car! She's so beautiful.