Friday, August 19, 2011

Are You Freakin' Kidding Me?

For those of you who might not have figured it out by now, my husband is one of those "yard people" (not to be confused with swamp people) who spends countless hours each week trimming, mowing, weeding and pruning all the live greenery type stuff outside of our house.

For the last few weeks I've listened to him complain - virtually non-stop - about some freakin' animal that has been digging up the mulch in the flower beds.

Considering my list of things that are causing me to lose sleep at night, this one was so far down on the list that it didn't even make the cut-off.

The kids are in bed asleep (thank you!) and it's 10:45 at night and my husband is outside watering the lawn (our neighbor across the street is out too, so it makes my husband look like less of a geek)...when Chris comes running back through the door telling me he found the source of the chaos in the yard.

He told me that he started to walk down the front steps when the bush closest to the steps started shaking violently and as he was preparing to be attacked by a 12 foot python, this little guy walked out....

He even stood still for me to take his picture - what a trooper.

Considering the critters that it could have been, I realize it could be so much worse.
Seeing as how I'm not real fond of contracting rabies or leprosy, I would really appreciate it if he (the armadillo, not my husband) would find another home...immediately, if not sooner.

I wonder how much this little critter-be-gone adventure is going to cost.


jennohara said...

I've never seen an armadillo before! Well, I did during our trip down south...many of them on the road, but not up close!
Matt's one of those crazy yard people too...They should start a business or something.

Anonymous said...

WicketsMom said...
We had one in our backyard (in Riverwoods). I'm not sure why he would want to come in a yard with two large dogs. We saw him leave out a hole under the fence, filled it in, and haven't seen him since!