Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Day Two and a Boo Boo

Today was Day Two in Addie's new class at school.
Chris and I got a telephone call late morning telling us that Addie fell and hurt her knee and although she appeared fine, she was crying and was asking for "Mommy and Daddy".

This initially unnerved everybody because Addie never cries when she gets hurt.  I spoke to Addie on the telephone and she was still so sad.  It was really pitiful, but I knew that she was fine and that she was in good hands. 

We are very certain that the fall was painful to Addie and we are very thankful that she wasn't really hurt because that would have made the day even worse.

So, Day One in Addie's new classroom ended with a (routine) trip to the dentist which involved lots of tears and drama.

Day Two in Addie's new classroom resulted in a boo-boo on her knee, tears and drama!

Day Three in Addie's new classroom was supposed to start out with a trip to her Neurologist.  After the drama of Day One and Day Two, I called and rescheduled the Neurology appointment.  I just couldn't imagine "torturing" her for a third day. least Addie is sleeping now. Hopefully we will have a good nights rest.


kendriya said...

I miss her alot but she made my day as she saw me passing and started yelling Ma and then when I didn't answer quick enough she said dria lol I just love addie

Jenn said...

We miss you too!!!!
I am so glad that you were able to stop by and see her. I know that just made her day!