Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

I normally try to be somewhat mindful of posting pictures where other people are visible, I usually crop pictures like crazy...but this time...too bad.

When we walked into the Bubble Room, this little boy was having the best time playing at this particular bubble exhibit.  Him and his Dad had such a great time, that I could feel myself aging as we stood there.
Addie was so incredibly patient, as was I, partly because it was so entertaining.

Addie stood there, wanting to touch the bubbles so incredibly bad.
She is a great turn taker and she waited patiently for her turn.

This exhibit was a little tricky and you had to take your time or else the bubble would pop before you got the wall of bubbles to the top.
Once at the top, it was extra cool to watch!

Check this out (sorry cool sunglass wearing Dad - if you find this blog and ask me to remove the picture, then I will, otherwise....), how cool is that?!
It looks like a 4D ultrasound of some really old man.
I really can't blame them for hogging the exhibit!
While Addie and I were stuck waiting for our turn, Julien was one exhibit over having a great time!
Finally...we got a turn.
Cool sunglass Dad and his son didn't move an inch and felt compelled to give me pointers.
So what if it's July, it's 200 below zero in this museum....I had my parka in the car as back-up.

Check out sweet girl trying to blow the bubble!
It took me forever to get the bubble wall perfect and to the top and Chunkus just couldn't help herself....I was a milisecond too late redirecting her hands and so she had a great time popping my work of art!
Why yes...we did take our time at this exhibit too and Monkus had the best time demolishing each bubble that I made for her.


jennohara said...

What an awesome thing! I totally get how you can take your time there! I love the picture of you and Addie about to pop the bubble. lol

Nicole said...

Looks fun and messy!!