Monday, August 08, 2011

Quick Update

Chunk's new class at school is going well.
She is happy to be back with her "old" friends.

I have pictures and lots of information to share...just not right now.


Julien went back for his two week check up on his knee.  He is out for another two weeks considering the doctor can still move Julien's knee cap out of place.  Two more weeks of PT and no football.  We are less than thrilled.


It was five years ago today that I found out that I was having a Baby Girl.  I was sitting at work today when I remembered the date.  It was such an awful feeling that came over me.

I thought about each part of that day.
Julien telling my Mom.
Us being at the restaurant to tell Chris's Mom - the restaurant that it took us four years to return to and we will never go back again.
My panic over not having a clue how I would manage to fix a little girl's hair...

Just memories.

I'm going to bed so that this day will be behind me.