Monday, August 01, 2011

The Best Pediatric Dentist - Ever.

Today was Addie's six-month dental exam.

She hates the dentist.
Hates the atmosphere.
Hates the smell.
Hates the masks.
Hates the gloves.
Hates it all.

When Chris and I picked her up from school this afternoon, I told Addie that we were going to the dentist to have her teeth brushed and that she would get stickers and a brand new toothbrush (YAY!!!)....(she loves toothbrushes...).

She just looked at me.

I helped her practice how to say, "ah" and "cheese" so that the dentist could clean her teeth.

Addie was fine until we entered the waiting room and sat down.
She was sitting on my lap when I felt her start to shake.
I thought she was cold, but it turns out that it was fear.
I asked Addie if she was ready to go and get a sticker,
she responded, "no".
I asked her if she was ready to get a brand new toothbrush,
she responded, "no".

When the hygienist came to get us, Addie hit meltdown. 
We know the hygienist and she is used to seeing Addie happy and relaxed, so this side of Addie was new to her.
The hygienist was absolutely wonderful with Addie (they always are) and the dentist was just as exceptionally wonderful.

I am always amazed at how patient and sweet he is in the midst of it all.
I am grateful to have found Dr. Thomas and appreciate all that he has done for us.

Addie's teeth were nice and clean and we have a six-month break before we have to go back and traumatize the other patients in the waiting room again.


jennohara said...

I dont blame her one bit. Dentist visits are never fun...