Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1.2 lbs of Pure Rotteness

For the last several months there have been numerous discussions regarding my Mother and canine companions.
We always had dogs growing up, but when our last dog died in 1999, my Mother swore that was the last one.
After Mom's heart surgery, we talked more about her getting a good rescue dog for companionship.
We (meaning me) searched far and wide for the perfect dog, but none seemed like a perfect fit for Mom.
It just so happened that my aunt (my wonderful, fabulous aunt) found this little rat at the lake.
She had been rejected by her Mother (what a brat) and apparently left to die.
My aunt has spent the last few weeks caring for her and finally decided that it was time for her to find a permanent home.
My Mother is now the proud new Mother to this little ball of fluff.
My fabulous and wonderful aunt named her Carlisle. I think she looks more like a Fergie.
My Mother will decide on a name soon, but despite the lack of a permanent name, she has already taken over my Mother's house.

What a good dog...

For the last few weeks Fergie has been housed in her bed when my aunt wasn't available to hold her.
Her bed is a black, white and hot pink bag where she loves to sleep and obviously feels secure.

I gave Fergie a quick bath and she loved it!
This is the best part about my Mom having a new puppy.
I can love on her...and then I can walk out the door and leave the puppy responsibility behind!
She is not the least bit spoiled already.


jennohara said...

That is going to be one spoiled-rotten little pooch.

Nicole said...

Awwww, cute! She looks like a shih tsu mix. They are the BEST dogs! Kind of snobbish, but very loyal