Thursday, August 04, 2011

Holy Cow

It was H-O-T!!!

This part of the museum would be interesting in mid-December.
It was torture in mid-July.

On the roof of the museum there are several activities including a bubble exhibit, a life-sized chest set and the pulley chairs.

I think our shoes melted to the tiles on the roof.

Addie never said a word, she just sat there...too hot to move or talk.

Julien was determined to tough it out for Addie.
After the second or third time trying out the chair, this little boy came over and wanted a turn (thank goodness).
When he walked over, he looked at me and said, "May I please have a turn?".
I looked at him at the same time I was grabbing Addie and said, "Yes sir, you may.  Thank you so much for asking so nicely!".

Wow...Yay for whoever is drilling good manners into him!
July 12, 2011