Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CT Scan - Number Two

I am trying to catch up on all that has happened, so I will give the very abridged version of this story.
I noticed an area on the bone of Addie's chin that didn't feel right. It is not visible, so it is not something that would have caught anyone's attention. I noticed it one night as I was rubbing Addie's face before she fell asleep. My first thought was that it was just a bump from a fall (because she has so many). I kept checking it and it never went away.
When I took Addie in to see her ENT, I had him feel it just so that he could tell me it was a (insert a non-worrisome medical term here) and not to worry.
Instead he told me to contact our dentist and have a panorex done just to check it out.
I immediately called to schedule an appointment with our dentist. While talking to the receptionist, I told her that I was a bit concerned about the billing for the panorex if the panorex indicated a medical condition. Instead of her quoting prices, she told me that she would check with the dentist...which meant she transferred me to him.
I told him what was going on and that it was probably absolutely nothing, but that I am very proactive with Addie and just wanted to make sure all was well.
(Lots of details left out here...) He talked to me for a few minutes (even apologized for having to cancel our last appointment due to his schedule change) and then told me he would call me back...and he did quickly. He called me. Not his receptionist and not his nurse. That is the care that we need in a provider. Someone willing to help. He told me that we had an appointment two days later with an oral surgeon and then he told me that he shouldn't have made it for that day because it was Addie's Birthday - so a few days later...
we were in the oral surgeons office (story all by itself coming later). She decided to go ahead, bypass the panorex and go straight for the CT Scan. I told her at that point that Addie's ENT had mentioned wanting a CT Scan in the spring or summer, so we decided to combine the procedure.
Get a scan for the oral surgeon and one for the ENT with only one sedation.
Then...on the way out to the car, I decided that I would contact three other providers for Addie and see if they needed anything while Addie was sedated.
In addition to the CT Scan, we have labs ordered for Endocrinology.
If we can just get to the scan, everything else will be fine. It is going to be miserable trying to keep Addie occupied when she will be starving!
I am not nervous about the procedure and am not overly nervous about the outcome.
I think her wonderful providers are doing what they do best - taking care of Addie.
I will update when I know more. Neither one of the providers who ordered the scan are based in the hospital, so it will probably be a few days before I hear from them.


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I'll be thinking about & praying for Sweet Girl as always!