Monday, April 25, 2011

Adding to the list

Unless you have a child who has experienced true fear and you have been unable to help them understand that everything was "alright", this post won't mean a thing in the world to you.

I have always approached my children with a "man-up" kind of attitude when I knew they were not really hurt because I cannot stand when parents feed into their whiny children - probably because I realize how irritating they are as adults.

BUT, there's just something about Chunkus the Monkus and the pure fear she experiences over a few random things, such as: 


There has been one more added to the list.
It's not new, just new to the blog list.
Shower Curtains.
My daughter is petrified of shower curtains.
I can't tell you why, but it started when we moved into this house.
It has never been an issue because our shower has a door,
the extra bathroom does not.
I bought a shower curtain for the extra bathroom because we were having company coming to stay.
Dr. Seuss™ Grommet Shower Curtain
(It's not like they're Piranha's or anything.)

We put the shower curtain up and went about our business.
Later that evening, Monkey and I were on the way to her room when she caught a glimpse of the shower curtain.
She started shaking and crying, began pointing towards the bathroom and was trying to tell me something.
To make a long story short,
the shower curtain
is now living in the linen closet.
All folded up and tucked away.
It's a fear that I can only imagine equals my fear of dogs.
So I understand
and I never tell her to "man-up".
I just hold her and love her and tell her that everything is "alright".
Before the emails start gushing my way,
No, it's not just at my house that this happens. 
Monkus refuses to go into the hall bathroom at my Mother's house
at anyones house for that matter.
No, she never had a traumatic experience with a shower curtain
No, I haven't watched Psycho since the child exited my womb.
I have no explanation for it.