Sunday, January 09, 2011

E.R. Baby Had A Nice Christmas Too!

As I have mentioned before, I think it is important not to bombard my children with presents on Christmas.
I believe this for many different reasons and for the last few years, I have not regretted the decision.
This year, I gave a lot of thought to what Addie would get for Christmas.
There really wasn't much of anything that I could think of that she needed or might want.
She never asks for anything...

I thought of getting her a new baby, but I have yet to find a baby that trumps E.R. Baby, so I didn't see the point in wasting the money.

Instead, I decided to check out Etsy.

I thought that would be a great way to buy locally (within United States) and to add a little special touch instead of a commercially driven gift.

I found a seller who was making doll clothing and decided that it was just about time for E.R. Baby to have a new outfit.

Not only did E.R. Baby get a new handmade outfit custom made just for her, but she also got a few new pair of big girl undies and a new pillow.

That was by far Addie's favorite gift Christmas morning (the cash register came from my Mother).
Addie got her first Vera Bradley purse (although it does not match her luggage), some eco-friendly, Addie-friendly molding clay, lacing cards for therapy and a handmade thing to use in the car for her art supplies.
Once again, I was very pleased with my restraint in gift buying.

Julien was very pleased with his gifts as well.
He is at the age where he understands my logic and this year he seemed to really appreciate his gifts, not that he didn't before, but this year he seemed to have more of an appreciation...and it sure didn't hurt any that he got exactly what he wanted.
Addie will never know any different.
We gave more to charity this year, donated more toys and at the end of the day, I felt good about it all.