Thursday, January 27, 2011

Final Decisions and Parades

Day 7
December 31, 2010
It took a lot of conversation, but finally I reminded myself that Addie didn't care where we had dinner for her birthday.
Honestly, we don't know if Addie even understood that it was her birthday...although I told her all day long.
I knew all that mattered was that she had a good time...and got cake.

I called and cancelled dinner reservations and found a Plan B.

On the way to Plan B, we stopped for the parade.
Addie was in love with the characters and said, "hi" and waved like crazy to all of them!

She desperately wanted to get up and dance, but there were so many people!
We were so worried about her.
Afraid that she might trip or fall onto someone.

Finally, we decided to let her stand up and we all watched her like a hawk!