Monday, January 17, 2011

This Post Brought To You Courtesy of Versed

The morning didn't start off bad.

Addie was extremely content to play while we checked in and waited to be called back.

Things took a dramatic turn for the worse when we walked past the sound-proof solid double doors and saw people with hats and gloves on.

The very sight sent her over the edge and there was nothing we could do to help her.

She begged Julien and Chris to hold her and when they would reach to take her, she would scream louder and refuse to allow them to touch her.
We tried taking pictures and of course that didn't work, so I did what any good Mom would do...I asked the nurse if Versed was in Addie's very near future.

She said that it probably was and that she would send the anesthesiologist in...and she did - quite quickly.

He asked a few questions, then I just completely cut him off and asked him if he planned on giving Addie any Versed.

He said that he could and left to put in the order.

The nurse was back in about three whole minutes with a syringe.

She asked if I wanted to give it to Addie, I told her "yes".

She asked if she should leave the room so that Addie would take it from me and I said, "yes" and out the door she went.

Addie drank every last drop and within ten was good again.

So good in fact that Julien handed Addie the hat that just minutes before she was petrified of and she tried to put it on.

I helped her and then she even tried to smile for the camera.

After the picture, she tried her very best to remove the hat...with no success.

Addie's surgery went very well - our ENT was very worried and had us prepared for the very worst and luckily, it wasn't. He removed the right tube, managed to (hopefully) clean out all of the infection and sealed up the hole in her eardrum. Now we just have to wait and see. We anticipate having to take her back in a few months to have tube number four put in.

Let me just tell you again how much I love our ENT. He is one of those doctors that doesn't send a nurse to do the job. When he was finished with the surgery, he came to get us from the waiting room and was more than happy to talk with us until we were completely finished with all questions.

Unlike other surgeries that Addie has had, this time the anesthesia made her very sick. We had not been in the car even five minutes before Addie started throwing up. She proceeded to throw up the entire ride home and once we got home. As soon as I got her into the house, I called our ENT's office. I told the receptionist that I needed to speak with the nurse because we desperately needed some Phenergan and she immediately transferred me to the nurse who was more than willing to call it in for us (there was no garbage about checking with my pharmacy after 5:00 or calling me back - no runaround!). I grabbed Addie, a stack of towels and clean pajamas and headed downstairs. I then called my favorite pharmacy - on the face of the earth - and started to tell them that they should be receiving a call from the doctor when she cut me off to tell me that the prescription had already been called in and they were filling it for us. So, from start to finish, I had Addie's prescription in about 20 minutes. I don't think there is another physicians office and pharmacy in this state that could make that happen...and I know for a fact that we would not have received that treatment from other practices. I LOVE our ENT and I LOVE our pharmacist (and my husband is convinced that is the only reason I ever go to that pharmacy - to flirt with the male pharmacist...because I don't have valid reasons to be there).

The Phenergan worked its magic and Addie was able to rest with Fat Brat by her side. When Addie woke, the vomiting was gone and we spent the rest of the day lounging around and recovering from the events of the morning.


jennohara said...

I'm glad everything went so well, and that you have such great physicians and pharmacists!!
Love the picture of her with the hat on. She's too cute.

Kim said...

So glad her surgery went well, I hate she got so sick afterwards. Hope she is feeling much better soon!!

Anonymous said...


Addie is the prettiest little girl I think I have ever laid my eyes on! I love the pictures! She is so pretty! I am glad she is feeling better!