Monday, January 03, 2011

Thank You Orlando Fungus People

Julien started throwing up not long after we got home and is running a high fever. Thank goodness that didn't start in the car on the way home! If he's not better tomorrow, we will be sitting in another fungus encrusted waiting room. I'm being treated for strep and was brutalized by a new nurse during the administration of my toradol and steroid shots - holy the ability to give shots a gift or is it learned? I've always been told that I have a gift for giving shots that don't hurt...this nurse, not so much! My antibiotic is sitting at Walgreens...and they're closed. aaarrrggghhhh! Man, I sure hope that Chris doesn't come down with any of this, I can't take any more fungus in my house! posting of pictures is delayed yet another day - my level of functioning is quite low.