Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hello World

Where shall I begin?

I think I'll start with the brand spanking new P.A. that I saw last Monday.
I'm all about new medical professionals, so I thought I was as good as any candidate for her very first day on the job.
Too bad she didn't think to test me for the flu.

Wednesday morning - bright and early - I was back to see my doctor and he did test me for the flu.
I vaguely remember him saying something about wondering which type of flu I had because I seemed to be really bad and I do remember getting two pain free shots - one steroid and one antibiotic because my CBC came back iffy.
That's about all I remember.

If I happened to send you an email in the last few days, you may want to disregard it.
If I signed any legal forms in the last few days, my attorney will be contacting you to repeal those.

I have been in bed since Wednesday morning...and that was two days later than I really should have been in bed.
I think I am going to blame this all on my husband.

See...I do remember the long 15 hour car ride home from Orlando and I remember telling him that I really would rather pull over on the side of the road and use the restroom as opposed to stopping at one of those seedy convenience stores in the middle of the night and I remember him telling me that was not an option.

So, I'll just pretend that is where the flu bug found us.

Looking back, I think Julien probably had a mild(er) case instead of it being just a stomach bug. I am fairly certain that Chunk has it too, since she has been at home with me since Wednesday afternoon.

We've been quite the pair....sharing each others funk.

She coughs on me, I cough on her.
I ignore the slime on my pillowcase from her ear, she cuddles in closer, wipes her nose across my shirt and sneezes all over the bed.

We actually saw blue skies today when we opened our front door so that Chunk could watch her Daddy cut the grass.
I can make it from the bed to the living room without having to stop and rest.
I can now see without everything looking blurry.

I think I might even be able to blow dry my own hair in another day...just in time for the Alabama blizzard that is sure to knock out power....
and cause each and every one of us to catch pneumonia.

I love winter.
Too bad I just missed almost an entire week of it.
Happy January!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry! I hope everyone is mended soon and stays that way. Mom's crud has moved into her chest, she started on antibiotics this morning. Rest as much as you possibly can. It's my 7 on or I'd be there helping you.

Jennifer said...

praying for your entire family's recovery!

jennohara said...

Sorry you guys have been feeling so gross... :(
Glad to hear you're getting better though.