Sunday, January 09, 2011

She Brought it all Upon Herself

Brat Cat a.k.a. Alley is eleven years old and I am amazed the cat is still alive.
She gets into everything and is the biggest pest on the face of the earth.
I swear, if there was an atomic bomb, the only thing that would be left would be the roaches and this cat
We all have a love-hate relationship with her.
There was a coyote in our neighborhood last month and I had to resist the urge to email our HOA and tell them that I had an overfed gray cat they could use as bait.

She is one of those cats that likes to sit on your chest when you're sick or rub all over your black pants when you are trying to leave for work, she eats every piece of plastic that she can find and if there happens to be any creepy crawly anything within a 30 mile radius of my house, she invites them in...just to watch me scream!

All brat cat had to do was just leave Addie alone so that she could open up her presents - gee whiz, she only had like three to open! So, this is what happened.
Brat Cat doesn't look so happy with herself now and Addie is just appalled.
She slithered off to sulk while we continued on.

Then she decided she was going to try to find Thomas so that he could see what I had done to her.
It may look like they're plotting.
They're not.
She's plotting.
He's gloating.